5 Benefits of Bamboo Socks over other Fabric (Cotton, Synthetic, wool) Socks

5 Benefits of Bamboo Socks over other Fabric (Cotton, Synthetic, wool) Socks

Bamboo Socks


Bamboo – The Anti bacterial property of bamboo Plant is utilised by textile industries to create different products from it, which are very safe to use and are much better than other materials.

One of the product in this category is Socks, which is the best use of bamboo fabric. It is for this reason why people fall in love with bamboo socks.

Let us today discuss about the benefits of bamboo socks over the synthetic, cotton or wool made socks.

1. Safe from Chemicals: Because of anti bacterial nature of bamboo tree there is no trace of pesticides or other chemicals used for growth and maintenance of bamboo trees. As these plants are chemical free so there is no chance of harm or infection from the products made from these plants unlike the cotton made socks. As Cotton plants gets spoiled by many harmful insects and need to be protected by use of many insecticides.

2. Softer, Smoother and Comfortable experience: The fiber of the bamboo tree is very soft and when it got processed it becomes extra soft which is comfortable for our feet. It is more breathable than cotton or other synthetic fiber which could causes rashes on our skin.

3. Warm and cosy: Where these socks absorbs sweatness of our feet. It’s Thermo-Regulating fabric is very useful for maintaining the warmth for our feet. While maintaining warmth, these socks keep our feet dry during running, exercising or for long wearing. These socks are thin and easy to wear unlike woollen socks.

4. Long-lasting: As made from the best material these socks hold their position for long time as compared to the other socks which either get bunched up from heels or fall down from calf.

5. Anti Bacterial: Many of us have to face the problem of smelly shoes. It’s really embarrassing condition for any one. There are many reasons behind this, but the main reason is sweat which allow production of bacteria which create bad odour. Use of synthetic socks is a cause of sweet which give rise to bacteria and Foul smell.

We can control this by using Bamboo socks which Keeps our feet dry and doesn’t allow growth of bacteria.

The Bamboo Socks are hypoallergenic and naturally microbial which are very good for our skin.

There are many other benefits of Bamboo Sock which you will get to know after using them.
So get a pair of bamboo socks for you and experience the comfort.





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