5 Fashion Tips for Man | Simple Ways To Look Sharper And Smarter

Everyone desires to look smarter. Here we have 5 Fashion tips for men to look sharper and smarter.

To look smarter you need to take care to every detail in your dressing. Every details means from your head to toe. Each thing has its own importance. Your style plays most important role in your looks.

Here are the 5 Fashion tips:

  1. Hairstyle: Choose the hairstyle that suits your face. Like your cloths, hair style plays very important role in your personality development and helps in enhancing your looks. So choose the best hairstyle.
  2. Take your Measurements: For perfection in your dressing, you must know your body measurement. So take precise measurement of your body and get the cloths accordingly. The perfection in measurement will help you look smarter.
    Here you can either buy perfect fit ready-made cloths or get your suit tailored from tailor.
  3. Shoes: Have good collection of shoes. You must have matching shoes for our suits. Make sure to buy quality shoes. This is one time investment a quality shoes last for at least 5 years.
    So make sure to buy quality shoes.
  4. Accessories: As per the need of occasion, wear the required accessory. You can wear the ties, scarf, pocket square, belt, sunglasses, watches and other accessories to enhance your looks. These accessories help in boosting your personality.
  5. Never wear Bad Fit: Don’t wear bad fitting suit. “This is the ultimate rule of looking GOOD”. Specially if you are wearing bad fit suit for some public gathering, it will have bad impression.

These are the 5 Fashion tips you must take care of to look sharper and smarter. The most important is the fitting of your suit. So get a perfect fit suit for you. You can get the best fitting from bespoke tailor.

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