5 Important Thing You Should Check Before Buying a Bespoke Suits

Bespoke Clothing is known for the comfort it provides to our body. With comfort, we need to check following factors which helps to boost our dressing experience.

It’s necessary to discuss important factors with your bespoke tailor so as to achieve best results. The following factors are:

1. Choice of Color

You would be aware of the thing that bespoke suits are expensive. You can go with any color of your choice, if money is not a issue for you and you do buy bespoke dresses frequently. On-the-other hand if you don’t want to spend huge amount of money but want to fulfill your desires, you can go with black or charcoal dress, as it fits with all the other color and could be worn on every occasion. You can wear your desired color shirt and accessories with these two colors.

2. Occasion

Choose your suit accordingly for Whether you want to wear suit on daily bases or occasionally. If you need to wear the suit for some special occasion like marriage party or normal as country wear, we have options for you.

For party wear you can go with Tuxedos, three piece suit, Dinner suit or morning Suit which will give perfect looks for the occasion.

In Country wear you can go with tweed jackets, outdoor jacket, shooting garments or country suits to give yourself comfort.

If you want to design your suit for some other occasion, you can discuss with our bespoke tailors.

3. Button

Bespoke suits come with the variation of 1, 2, 3, 4 buttons.

There are no such standard for selection of button. The only instruction is while sitting always unbutton your suit.

4. Lapels

Lapels have their own importance to uplifting dressing experience. The three types of Lapels designs are Peak, Notch, Shawl. Every design has it’s own grace. By deciding with the professional bespoke tailor you can choose the one from the above as per your needs.

5. Lining

Lining is the garment used as interior of our suit. Though lining is not directly visible but it plays important role in structure of our dress.

The different types of materials used as lining are:

  • Acetate lining,
  • Silk Lining,
  • Cotton Lining, etc.

You can choose the one according to your budget.


As bespoke clothing require more investment than ready to wear dresses, so you should be careful while choosing the bespoke suit for you. You must hire best bespoke tailor for ultimate dressing experience.





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