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5 Tips to Looking Your Best: VIP Style

Fashion owes a lot to certain moments in film. When Rod Taylor saved Tippi Hedren’s life in Hitchcock’s The Birds, wearing corduroy pants and a tweed jacket, or when the always dapper James Bond asked for his martini “shaken, not stirred” in an elegant tuxedo, these were the cinematic moments that elevated fashion for men and sparked hundreds of ideas on how a man can have his best look – every time, all the time.


Of course, dressing as though you just flew back from Monte Carlo on your private jet does not have to break the bank. No, money does not necessary equate to style. But for those men who have Cary Grant’s charm and his love of elegance, here are six tips which will help you achieve that V.I.P. best look and upgrade your wardrobe.


A great pair of shoes. When it comes to style, a good pair of shoes is well worth the investment. Whether hand crafted in a shop in Italy or designed by a top designer, a pair of shoes can truly upgrade your look. Loafers or Monks are great for dates or a fun afternoon while wingtips look professional at the office. For an evening look, try a classy dress shoe. Whatever the shoe, keep in mind to always keep them clean and polished.


A watch. No, you do not have to buy a gold watch encrusted with diamonds to look like a VIP; instead, a simple well-made watch can elevate your look and add character to any outfit. Whether it is a big face sports watch or a classic gold watch with a leather band, watches are both functional and fashionable. Take time to select one that not only looks great but feels great.


Invest in a few good shirts, and start building your wardrobe. Instead of buying everything at once, start by choosing a few classic pieces. For example, try a well-fitted shirt in blue. Shirts should fit nicely and not be baggy or appear too tight. Just pair your shirt with jeans and some leather loafers, and you will look sharp and smart, ready to take on the world. See? Looking your best isn’t rocket science!


A tailored suit for both day and night. A single breasted, two button suit is a great investment for your wardrobe. Although we often think, “Oh, I’ll never wear it,” you’d be amazed at how many weddings, award shows, and special business events you will be invited to. Just watch “Four Weddings and a Funeral” to get an idea.


Looking Best Is a Choice

Looking Best Is a Choice

Look to soccer or polo players for inspiration. Two great athletes who have combined fashion with sports are soccer player, David Beckman and polo star, Nacho Figueras. While Beckman is known for his hair and body, Nacho has made a living as both a model and a polo player and is consistently appearing on “best dressed lists.” Get inspired and look at their polo shirts, jeans, expensive watches and great hair.


And finally the golden rule(comes as a bonus) for any gentleman, good manners and hygiene, confidence, and fresh breath can certainly help you go from economy to first class in life.

Michael Snell

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