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Mens Skincare

A GvS Guide to Men’s Skincare

Only a few decades ago the notion that men needed to take care of their skin was culturally laughable. Men’s faces were expected to weather like a mountain range, and the more cracks, the better. Thankfully this perspective about men’s skincare has significantly weakened. More and more men are coming to understand the necessity of lotions and tonics to combat a host of environmental attacks. Whether preempting razor burn or combating sun damage, the range of products to keep men’s skin healthy and supple are necessary and wonderful.

Skin comes in a range of types from normal (neither dry nor oily, no visible pores or blemishes), oily (large pores with shiny skin appearance), dry (dull blotchy skin prone to cracking and wrinkles), or a combination of these conditions. All skin types can be sensitive and can suffer rashes, swelling and redness.


The chief area for skincare involves what to use before and after shaving. While beards are currently fashionable (though the trend is beginning to wane) the majority of men sport clean faces, mustaches or partial beards rather than a full facial covering. Shaving creams and butters with aloe are good options for avoiding razor burn. They are applied to the face and allowed to sit and moisturize the pores for a few minutes before shaving. Shaving creams and butters are best at allowing razor glide and greatly diminish problems with the razor.

Aftershaves come in two styles, balms and splashes. Balms typically provide better protection against rashes and burns. Splashes have combinations of toners, astringents, and hydrosols that clean the skin with more depth. Alcohol in splashes tends to dry out the skin and it is a good idea to choose a splash without this ingredient.

Lotions for Face and Body

To chose the best facial lotion it is best to first test the lotion against your skin. There are several products geared toward each skin type. Regardless of type, each lotion should contain Aloe Vera and an antioxidant component such as grapeseed oil. Quality is a must when choosing a lotion, and in general the thicker the better.

Equally important is a body lotion. Caring for your skin is as important as caring for your internal organs, for your skin is your contact point with the environment. The healthier it is the better quality of life you will experience. Men’s skin is typically tougher then women’s and so it is imperative to purchase lotions specifically designed for men. Ingredients should include Aloe Vera, vitamin E, Shea butter, and some type of antioxidant compound such as grapeseed or jojoba.

Lotions should be applied daily and as part of a specific regime. Skincare and maintenance is a necessity and proper care can result in maintaining a more powerful, vibrant look.

Michael Snell

Loving father and husband