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Roger Moore

A Man of Class: Can Anyone Replace Roger Moore?

At the height of his career, legendary movie star, Roger Moore was considered one of the greatest male actors in Hollywood. Not only charismatic, this handsome leading man was also versatile, having acted in a variety of classic films such as Octopussy, For Your Eyes Only, and The Spy Who Loved Me. Moreover, his debonair style and good looks influenced fashion with his “Roger Moore look” of simple elegance: trousers, polo shirts, and elegant suits.

Roger Moore represented what was commonly referred to as the Golden Age of Hollywood where actors and actresses looked like real movie stars, projecting their glamorous lifestyles both at home and at work. Celebrities such as Lana Turner, Frank Sinatra, and the rest of the Rat Pack epitomized the best of Hollywood glam. Years later, one wonders who will be the next Roger Moore? Who will fill in his shoes and become the classic, well-dressed man of our era?

While there may be some movie stars today who exhibit the same elegance and taste, (George Clooney, Daniel Craig, and professional footballer, Christian Ronaldo), the list is surprisingly small. But there is hope. Recently, a new wave of fashion trendsetters have popped up. But instead of calling Hollywood their home, many of these fashionable men come from deep within the Silicon Valley. Instead of actors, these gentlemen are innovators, tech giants, and CEOS. Men, such as Blake Mycoskie who launched Tom’s shoes and Elon Musk who started Paypal and was the product architect of Tesla motors, are known not only for their astounding entrepreneurial efforts, but also their innovating sense of style.

With fashion icons coming out of Silicon Valley instead of Hollywood, the classic man is alive and well.  Here, are some pieces that every man should acquire so you too can acquire the status of a classic gentleman. Carefree and classy, these few pieces are the foundations for a great wardrobe.


  1. A white dress shirt: Fresh and well-pressed, a white shirt is essential in every man’s closet. The shirt must be well-made and never appear oversized or too tight. Amazingly versatile, a white shirt looks great whether it be for a business meeting or worn on a date with jeans and leather loafers.


  1. A blue blazer: A blazer is a great piece to have as you build your wardrobe. The blazer must look and feel great while a good color to begin with is blue. Paired with either a t-shirt or a dress shirt, the blazer is a classic piece.


  1. A Cashmere Sweater: Instant glamour is easily obtained when you wear a cashmere sweater. Cashmere is super soft, comfortable and provides a look of luxury. The best colors to select from are solid classics such as beige, blue or white.


  1. Accessories: A classic look also needs several elegant accessories: quality sunglasses that are durable, a classic watch that is waterproof, and neckties that reflect your personality and mood.


  1. A pair of leather loafers: A great shoe that can turn a casual outfit into one that is sophisticated and classy. These shoes are perfect for both the office and a date when paired with jeans.

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