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The Power of Navy

Adding Navy to Your Wardrobe

Navy was at one point perceived as a summer style. Thanks to its very nautical and outdoorsy feel, men wouldn’t be out of place when stepping out of the office in their full navy suit and proceeding right to the Friday night dinner party without missing a single step and still being appropriately dressed. The winter has had a bit of a renaissance when it comes to what’s considered fashionable and appropriate over the past few years, so let’s take a look at how this royal color can be brought into a gorgeous wardrobe.


Navy is often paired with brown loafers in the summer season to give a relaxed semi-formal appearance, but it is equally as versatile when paired with leather for the cooler months. Ideally men should choose a shade of dark chocolate to lend a formal appearance to navy that would make it office-friendly while still retaining its casual charm, but black leather is also acceptable. It’s also the only acceptable fashion item that should be black when paired with a navy suit. Pairing black and navy further up the chain, such as a black shirt with a navy jacket, generally produces quite disastrous results due to the difficulty in distinguishing between the colors at first glance.

Tie Choice

Similar to the idea behind a black shirt and navy-blue jacket, black ties should actively be avoided when wearing a navy suit. Instead men should look towards a contrasting bold red or yellow. It may also be complimented by grey or purple, but this tends to lend a rather drab appearance that tends to be only appropriate for the coldest and darkest of days in December and January.

Choosing Your Suit

MS Bespoke Style 13 combines the style requirements of a navy suit with an added cool layer of fabric that makes it an excellent option for the winter months. Compared to off the rack options that are poorly fitting and aren’t quite color appropriate for the season, this suit simply can’t be beat when it comes to finding a versatile wintertime option that is molded to the wearer thanks to the input of a bespoke tailor.

Michael Snell

Loving father and husband