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Bespoke Clothing

The term Bespoke Clothing originates in the 17th century. It is among one of the various types of custom clothing. This form of clothing was discovered by the fashion lovers to show their style through clothes(dressing sense) and to get dressed into best outfis.
Bespoke Clothing is best form of custom clothing because in Bespoke Clothing the customers has rights to choose the fabric of own choice to get dressed into the best suit.
Bespoke Tailor plays very important role in bespoke clothing who designs the garment for the measurements taken from client. In this, the bespoke tailor is professional who could play with the fabric to design the best suit from it.

Choosing a fabric

This whole process takes time to be completed. The process starts from the selection of fabric where we chooses the best fabric from the available fabrics according to our personal choice/style or for the requirement of the design. Then we reach to the bespoke tailor were the tailor takes our precise measurement.


Measurement plays very important role in bespoke clothing. The tailor takes care of each and every inch of our body, understanding the structure of body. The tailor notes down all the measurement on register as a record.

Giving rough design

Then the fabric is handcrafted by a tailor. With the individual care and personal touch, the tailor could give a high level of customization to the suit.
The fabric is cut down into pieces as per the measurement is taken by the tailor. Then the different portion is stiched together with pins or loose thread to have a rough design. This design will give the idea to the tailor to customized the garment for a final touch.

Doing necessary adjustments and customization

In the next level, bespoke tailor has to check for all the other factors and do various adjustments according to the requirements of the garment. Adjusting to the measurement for whether it is trouser, Waistcoat, jacket or any other piece, the tailor takes the final decisions and stitch the pieces with the best quality thread for final results.

Giving final Touch

In the final stages, the finishing of the garment is done in which the required accessories like buttons, linning, leather, zips are attached to the garment. Then the ironing of the garment is done to give them final touch for delivering to the client.
Total time taken for completion of the whole process depends upon the design of the garment.
Usually, bespoke tailor requires 20-80 hours per garment for completion.

Benefits of Bespoke Clothing

Though the bespoke clothing is expensive than made to measure and ready to wear dresses but the best part of bespoke suiting is that it will adjust you the best, giving us the ultimate dressing experience.
With the quality of fabric used and the skills of the tailor, the life span of bespoke suits is much higher than other dresses. The bespoke clothing also gives us the opportunity to do customization with your dress as you require.
The most important thing which we need to keep in mind with bespoke clothing is selection of quality bespoke tailor who could deliver us the required results.





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