Benefits & Care of Buffalo Horn Sunglasses

Buffalo horn sunglasses have a smooth and unique appearance that cannot be imitated by plastic or acetate. It shines in the sun, and the foreground has great depth.

Benefits of Buffalo horn sunglasses:

1. 35% lighter than metal / plastic pair
2. Bamboo Frames are stronger than wood or metal/plastic.
3. Hypoallergenic: ideal for users who react to plastics and metals on sensitive skin.
4. Natural Heat Repellent – This material is known to repel heat naturally. This is very important because plastics and metals tend to get hot in the sun. More importantly, it is a device that is in continuous contact with the user’s temples, helping reduce headaches and regulate blood pressure.
5. Ethical and Sustainable: Buffaloes, like western cows, are cattle raised for meat, leather, and agricultural work. Animals are not killed for the horns alone. They are a by-product of an agricultural tradition that dates back thousands of years.

Here are some tips for keeping these sunglasses pointed:

1. Grease your sunglasses every 8-12 weeks. This will prevent the material from fading naturally. Use a soft cotton cloth lightly smeared with vegetable or baby oil. Avoid the hinges and frame screws, as the oil does not want to loosen the screws.
2. Save it in a case when you don’t use it. Msnellbespoke Buffalo horn sunglasses come with a bamboo or cork case. They should be used when glasses are not worn. Please don’t leave it on your shirt or head.

3. Use a microfiber cloth for the lens. The lenses should only be washed in warm, lightly soapy water. Avoid wearing sleeves or clothing to clean the lens. They usually have fine particles that can damage the lens.
4. Drying after wetting-Lens (especially polarized models) comprises multiple layers of the complex optical film. Most are waterproof. Still, prolonged exposure to water can damage optical and sunglasses lenses.
5. Change eyewear-It is recommended to wear Buffalo horn sunglasses as a luxury item in the collection, on special occasions, or to suit a particular style. As a fashion item, it’s worth having 2-4 pairs of opticals, and sunglasses-you can combine your daily outfits.

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