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It’s always an embarrassing situation for you when you wear a loose-fitting shirt, especially which is loose from the stomach and waist area. You have to re-tuck your shirt with every movement you make otherwise it looks disordered and it gives clumsy feelings. Even a very tight-fitting shirt is not good for you which causes pulling on the buttons and makes you feel uncomfortable.

Generally, you will be in this situation when you wear ready-made shirts. We have a solution for you and that is bespoke Dress shirts.

How Bespoke Shirts will give you the Best Fitting

Precise Measurement

Custom-made shirts are made especially for your body measurement, So there will be no chance that they will look shaggy on you. While making the bespoke shirt, the bespoke tailor takes a precise measurement of your body and designs a shirt that fit’s you the most. No matter whether your body structure is slim or you are with board shoulders and a smaller waist.

Choice of Fabric

When you go with bespoke dress Shirt, you have the freedom to select the fabric you like the most which you will not get in ready-to-wear shirts. You can choose the shirt fabric which suits you most according to the climate condition you are living in, you can go for sweat and stain resistance material or you can opt for silk or Best quality cotton fabric.

Shirt Accessories

With bespoke Clothing, you have the facility to wangle the accessories of your choice. The accessories play a very important role to upgrade the looks of your dress shirt. Using superior quality accessories which include buttons, Collar, Collar stays, studs, etc will add grace to your shirt.


The bespoke tailor uses the finer quality thread for stitching the shirt. Moreover, for best fitting, the tailor has to stitch the shirt perfect for the taken measurement. This makes the life of bespoke shirts longer than the ready-to-wear shirts which are about 5-6 years if handled with care.


All these factors make the bespoke shirt more comfortable than the ready-to-wear Shirt which helps to uplift your looks and makes you feel more comfortable.





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