Best Dressing Tips For Men

Everyone loves to dress well, but some follow the basic rules to present themselves well, while others miss those basic rules. Today, we will discuss the 5 Dressing tips for men to enhance their dressing experience.

Hope these tips will help you to express yourself well. These 5 Dressing tips are as follow:

This is the first Dressing tip for fashion lovers – Custom Tailoring: If you want to enjoy the best dressing experience, you can achieve it through custom clothing. It gives you the freedom to get a suit tailored as per precise body measurement to achieve perfection.

The Second Dressing tip is Comfort: Along with the perfect fit, your suit must be comfortable. If the suit is a tight fit, you will feel discomfort in that suit. So make sure your suit should neither be too loose nor be too tight that you feel uncomfortable.  

The Third Tip is the Cleanliness of your suit: Your Suit must look fresh. Make sure to take proper care of the suit and before wearing it make sure to iron it, or if needed get it dry cleaned it. Check for any stain and if needed use stain remover, brush the fabric in a downward motion to remove dust or dead skin.

The Fourth Tips- Accessorize properly: Where your suit is the main attraction remember your accessories also play very vital role in enhancing your beauty. But don’t go overboard with your accessories. You should wear a light-colored pocket square with a dark suit or vice-versa.
The belt and shoes should be matching. Socks should be lengthy so that ankles must be cover while sitting.

The Fifth Tip is Storage of your suit: The Storage of your suits matters a lot to maintain the freshness of the suit. Make sure to store your suit in a wooden hanger and place it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Make sure to cover it with a cloth garment bag to protect it from dust, moths, and mildew.  
You can dress well only if your suit is well maintained.

Your Investment also plays a very important role in your dressing. If the fabric quality of your suit is not good, even bespoke tailor could not help you. So you need to buy quality fabric for the best dressing experience.    

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