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In summer season, as the temperature is very high outside, we need to change our clothes collection of our wardrobe so as to cop up with the heat of sun and to stay comfortable.
Though we should change all the clothing items but today we will discuss mainly about the Shirts.
Being a bespoke tailor, we understand the best option for you in the summer.
Though you can buy the ready to wear shirts which could give you the best comfort, but if you are fashion lover and want to have unique looks in your fashion and style, you should definitely go with bespoke clothing.
With Bespoke clothing, you will get everything of your own choice whether it is fitting, fabric quality, design, accessories, etc.

Lets Dive into detailed view of how to choose the best shirt in summer.

1. Fabric:

In Summers, always prefer to wear lightweight, cool and thin fabric clothes which allow proper breath-ability. We have different option available from which the cotton is best and mostly used fabric. The different varieties available are Seersucker, Chambray, and Madras. You can choose the one according to your choice.
The other good quality fabric available to be used in summers is “Linen”. It absorbs moisture very well to keep you comfortable.

2. Color: 

In summers, try to wear light color shirts. The Dark colors absorb heat more than the light color clothes so in summer to stay protected from the heat always wear light colored clothes.

3. Fitting and design:

Try to wear a little looses fitting clothes so that you could stay more comfortable. Sometime you may face the situation where sweat could make you feel uncomfortable, in that situation lose fitting clothes could allow air to pass through and keeps you dry. So try Bespoke Shirt for best experience.

In summers, the most important thing for you is to stay protected from heat and sun. You can play with your clothes only if you have an atmosphere which is cooler and you need not to go outside in the sun.


It is recommended that show your style but most importantly stay protected for heat and sun. The bespoke clothing is the best option available to you where you can get the desired products in the best fitting.




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