Best suit as Your Wedding Dress | Tips to look Special as Groom

One of the biggest and special day of your life – Your wedding day. You need to look special on that day because everyone’s attention will be on you and every camera will focus on you.  

Being a special day, you must look in your best of best, so you need to be dressed well and to achieve the best – Bespoke clothing is perfect option. Your Bespoke suit will make your moments memorable and helps to boost your confidence to represent your best for your special day.

We are suggesting you to get bespoke suit because you will not get the perfect fitting with ready to wear suit and you will have to mess with your dress which will not allow you to enjoy your wedding.

Though the bespoke suit will make you look special but here are the tips you need to follow:

  1. Discuss with your Partner: To look special both Bride and groom needs to dress equally well, so plan accordingly. You must discuss about choice of color and design well in advance so that you both can achieve the best results.
  2. Plan in advance: Though everyone is excited for this particular day and starts planning everything in advance likewise you need to plan well for your dress. On an average, a full bespoke suit takes around a month to complete with multiple fitting appointments. So plan in advance.
  3. Check out what is Trending: To make your day special for you, you must follow the trends and choose the attire that suits you the most. You can go with two piece suit or 3 piece suit. Choose the accessories that help to make you stand out. You must carefully choose your Tie, Shoes, belt, pocket square, bow tie and other accessories to boost your dress.
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