Buffalo Horn Sunglasses By Msnellbepoke | MsnellBespoke Eyewear

Buffalo Horn Sunglasses By Msnellbepoke | MsnellBespoke Eyewear

Buffalo horn sunglasses are one of the luxury fashion items which could be found in luxury boutiques and are priced high, where price could range up to $1,000. Being a luxury item you will feel the comfort and elegance of these frames as you wear them.

As our fashion industry is introducing different accessories both for men and women, Buffalo horn sunglasses are developed with great innovation. These frames are made from the horns of buffalos(animal).

Before introducing these buffalo horn sunglasses at our store, I was having many misconceptions in my mind about these eyewear. Hope you may also have many of those. But after meeting with the crafter (makers), all my questions were solved and I got to know about the quality and beauty of these frames.


These frames are made from horns of Indian water buffalo, after their natural demise. These horns are removed from the animal as per the international convention on protected species. Because of anti-allergenic nature, these horns are also used for medicinal purposes by Chinese people. These horns are also used for decoration & Designing.
After the removal of horns from buffalo, these horns are sterilized and crafted to make frames from it. This process is undertaken by skilled workers who possess the capability of carving and polishing the horn material.


As these frames are made from natural material, it is safe for our skin and is recommended for the peoples who suffer from skin allergies. These frames help in maintaining the temperature of our face, as unlike the metallic frames these frames doesn’t gets affected by the surrounding environment. These frames are very lightweight, and used to get adaptive as our skin texture with time.

Buffalo horn eye ware could be used as sunglasses or vision glasses by inserting lens to it.

You might be familiar with the Clothing Brand Msnellbespoke. They are introducing Msnellbespoke buffalo horn sunglasses which are finest in the quality and are available at very affordable price. So show up your style with Msnellbespoke brand.




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