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How to buy a suit thats right for you; The complete A&A guide.

Buying a suit can often be treacherous and a difficult if you don’t know what you’re buying, this article will hopefully make your experience a little easier. I think we’d all love the experience of purchasing a bespoke suit, although, we don’t all have the pleasure of doing it. So this article guides you through buying a semi bespoke, made to measure or just a plain off the rack suit.

Here are steps to buying a suit

Beware of the sales tactic.

One thing you need to be aware of is you’ll be told EVERYTHING you want to hear – that everything looks great on you; the tailor can make the perfect suit for you etc. What you cannot guarantee is, the suit you have in your mind. For this reason, you need to make sure you know as much as possible about your cut and your style, basically what suits you (see what I did there?). Remember you’re in charge, not him.

Know why you’re buying a suit.

Are you after an office suit, or a casual summer suit? Remember to keep an office suit dark and classic, think grey, black and navy. If the suit is for a job interview, (you want to be well dressed but not better than the interviewer, so nothing too pricey), think of a made to measure or off the rack suit – but remember your fit and cut. Lastly, if your suit is for the summer to wear with some sneakers and a T-shirt think designer, Ted Baker, Alexander McQueen are the ones I go for.

Start at a store for a casual suit

When you’re ready, try getting a friend that doesn’t have trouble being honest and providing a blunt opinion. I would recommend heading over to a shopping center such as Selfridges or Harrods, this way you will be able to view several brands rather than just the one. Start by doing a lap of the stores yourself, note down the ones that catch your attention, and whilst looking at prices and affordability, remember you get what you pay for; to follow ask for a salesman when you’re ready.

Know your cut/size

I know it seems obvious but it isn’t. The most important element of a suit is, it must fit. I must sound like a moron, but not a lot of sales people know how a suit should fit, more importantly, how your suit should fit. Before you step into a dressing room make sure you have the basic components of a suit down…





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