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Silk Tie

Caring for a Silk Tie

Silk ties are some of the most expensive options men purchase for their wardrobe. Unfortunately, they don’t offer the rugged and carefree nature of polyester tie, which can virtually be abused and still be in great condition when men need to wear them next. Silk ties need additional considerations in order to keep them in great shape and remain presentable in between wears. As with many wardrobe options, it all comes down to how they’re stored and cleaned.



As a general rule of thumb, silk ties should never be folded or left willy-nilly in a bunch somewhere in a dresser. It is always best to hang a silk tie in order to prevent creasing. This can either be done through a tie clip or simply hung at a half way point over a wardrobe rail. When hanging isn’t an option, then ties can be loosely rolled and inserted on their side within a dresser, but the drawer should be one that isn’t used regularly to prevent shifting and loosening of an already loose roll, which will undoubtedly lead to giant wrinkles in between wear.



Travel presents a unique concern for silk ties as hanging them generally isn’t an option. In this case, they should always be rolled and placed within the breast pocket of a shirt or suit jacket. Again, it’s not a good idea to simply throw a silk tie in a suitcase and hope for the best – the best won’t usually happen and men will end up with a wrinkly tie that they simply shouldn’t wear to any sort of function. It is also a good idea to store ties within shoes, which will provide the rugged surround that prevents the sides from being significantly crushed and this could help stop any wrinkles from happening in the first place.



It’s usually best to not clean a silk tie, but sometimes a stain will require it. Silk is a very fragile material and requires a cold water wash with liquid laundry soap (preferably those marketed for handwash only items). Any stains should be immediately dealt with using club soda before they have a chance to set within the material, which will become stubbornly difficult to remove and could ultimately ruin the tie altogether. Oil spills should be treated using cornstarch and left hanging overnight before delicately brushing it away using a fine bristle brush.


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