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Caring for a Suede Jacket

When owners take the time to properly care for their suede jacket, they’ll go long ways in extending both the quality of its appearance and its useable life over the years. However, a care regime must be put into place as soon as owners receive their jacket if they’re to have any sort of long term lifespan. Caring for a suede jacket spans a lot more than just using a suede brush. Let’s take a look at how to properly care for suede:

Pretreatment for Suede Jacket

Taking the time to apply a commercial-grade suede pretreatment will keep a suede jacket looking great. This is especially important if wearers live in particularly wet climates, which will act as a barrier against the rain or similar moisture and condensation exposure. Pretreatments will cause moisture to bead up and fall off of the jacket’s surface rather than being absorbed into the animal hide and creating a stain.

It’s not just a matter of applying a pretreatment and it’s set for life though. Buyers will need to top up this protection by buying small amounts of suede waterproofing occasionally and apply it to their jackets. However, it’s important not to apply a waterproofing treatment for leather on suede. It contains more dense anti-moisture molecules than those intended for suede, which will cause hairline marks and may crack the outermost layer of fabric. Any cracks in the fabric will render a suede jacket unusable rather quickly, so it is best to avoid this altogether.

Weather Conditions

In addition to avoiding rain, it is best to avoid wearing suede during peak sunlight exposure. Sunlight can act as a bleach against suede, which will discolour the fabric and this cannot be done. It will also cause the fabric to wrinkle excessively and give it a coarse feeling when being worn.

Dry Cleaning your Suede Jacket

Spot cleaning a suede jacket at home using a brush and suede cleaner is possible, but some stains will be almost impossible to remove from a suede jacket due to its texture. Professional care will be required in these instances and suede should be taken to a dry cleaner for stain treatment. When this isn’t possible, a white eraser can be used to delicately scrape away parts of suede that have become discoloured, but this technique is only appropriate for very small and very light stains. In all other instances, a professional cleaner must be employed to remove the stain from a jacket.

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