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Choose Tailoring; Choose Fitting Clothes

With the change in season right around the corner, a lot of men are looking towards their next wardrobe additions to compliment the latest fashion trends. Whether they be new shirts, new pants, or even a full suit, it’s not unusual for a lot of guys to be under the impression that it’s just a matter of going down to the local stores or mall and grabbing something right off the rack.

This has been a longstanding misconception in the world of fashion. While there’s a convenience factor to be had and maybe even some savings against the cost of a professional tailor when looking at designer labels, there’s something that just can’t be replaced: the proper fit. Let’s take a look at why tailoring should be your next option.

Fits Aren’t Binding

One of the biggest problems surrounding off the rack clothing of any nature is that “fitting” clothes tend to be very binding. While this might suit some men who prefer a skinny or slim cut, a lot of bigger guys find regular and fitted cuts to be far too restricting. This is where a tailor comes into play and tailoring outshines off the rack clothing. By choosing a tailor, men can be assured that their clothes will drape their bodies properly while still providing the freedom of movement that’s gone amiss from more convenient and conventional rack options.

Fits Aren’t Bunched

Another issue that seems to plague men, from those who choose the cheapest $99 suits through to those who splurge on designer labels, is that the fit tends to bunch. While this is a sign that the clothes just aren’t fitting properly, many men choose to ignore this with catastrophic effects. It’s particularly noticeable in poorly fitted jackets and shirts, which will bunch along the shoulder and chest when men raise their arms. Even properly sized rack clothes that otherwise “fit” will still suffer some degree of bunching. Tailors alleviate this issue by providing just enough slack in the chest and shoulder region for a more true-to-form fit.

Fits Remain Flexible

Tailors recognize that few men actually hold the same size throughout their entire lives. This is why there are always options to take in or let out clothing to suit a man’s changing size. Replacing an entire garment usually isn’t necessary with tailors as they’ll have the knowledge and experience to adjust clothes accordingly, but is almost always the case when choosing something off the rack.

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