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Men's Down Jacket

Choosing Down This Winter

Many areas are predicting a season of very unseasonable chills. Despite winter being a cooler time of year for us, the experts predict this is one we’re going to remember. This is exactly why we’re starting to see more winter clothing on the shelves and racks of department stores more early, and down is this season’s ticket to warmth. It is one of the fashion industry’s best natural insulators and is actually quite lightweight. Better still, it won’t break the bank to purchase a down-filled coat. Unfortunately, the 90s have made down seem like the Mr. Puffy option for guys. Fortunately, this season is set to end that impression.

Choosing Down Jackets

While parkas and puffer jackets have the puffy, shapeless appearance that down-filled coats are associated with, the technology behind these jackets has changed quite a bit over the past couple of decades. Today, it is all about construction and attention to the little details. Lace-up panels are becoming increasingly common on down coats along with fitted interior bibs, which will help hug a man’s silhouette more fully and contour his body properly rather than hiding it away completely.

Coat Care

A down-filled coat should only be washed twice during any given season. Fortunately, downs are machine washable, so men can simply toss it in with the rest of their laundry in the safety that their coat is receiving the necessary care using most default settings on a washing machine. Drying is another issue altogether though. When drying a down-filled coat, men should take care to separate their coat from the rest of their laundry and dry it using the lowest heat setting available. It is also recommended that men add something stiff to the drying cycle, such as a couple of tennis balls, which help prevent the filling becoming overly bunched in certain areas. This will ensure that the coat remains presentable throughout the winter months.


When the warm months come around again, then it may be tempting to use a vacuum bag in order to store the coat in a more space-saving option. However, these types of storage bags have been known to damage the feathers in down-filled coats and significantly reduce their wearable lifespan. It’s recommended that winter coats be closet hung until the next season using a cedar spray in order to help ward off moths and other insects.

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