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Dress Pants Guide

Choosing the Right Dress Pants

When it is time to buy a new pair of dress pants or replace factory originals that came with a three-piece suit, then there are certain things men need to keep in mind when it comes to choosing the right pants to suit their figure and clothes. Let’s take a look at some of the features of dress pants in order to determine the best addition to the wearer’s wardrobe:

Pleated versus Flat Dress Pants

A pleat will give a very refined, distinguished look to dress pants and typically suit those who have larger builds or those who may carry additional bodyfat on their thighs and lower torso. However, the additional roughage can overwhelm a slim man’s figure and make him look quite bulky. They will also require a cuff, but can be found unhemmed directly from a clothier who will finish the dress pants according to a man’s length and shoe height. Flats, on the other hand, have very modern styles and typically flatter men who are slimmer.


Similar to the pleat, cuffed dress pants will flatter larger builds and will need to be in place on pleated pants in order to hold the weight of a pleat in place. For men looking to appear a bit taller in the eyes of others, then cuffs can provide the illusion of height without any shoe modification. Unfortunately, cuffs are a forever thing. If dress pant come with cuffs, then a tailor cannot remove them without drastically altering the pants altogether. On the other hand, if the dress trousers didn’t come with cuffs, then they can be added reasonably easily at a later date.


The majority of dress pants or slacks will have angled pockets, which are otherwise known as slash pockets, on the sides. However, the back pockets will have several different types of variations. For the most part, slit pockets tend to accompany more formal dress pants and may or may not have button closures depending on the level of formality required. Patched pockets are sometimes present, but will usually be on more casual dress pants.

Leg Width

Current fashion trends want men to flatter their figures as much as possible, so men should aim to buy the slimmest leg possible to suit their frame. They will want to avoid a lot of width and bagginess that will not hug the frame closely. Instead, they should opt for something that’s more hugging and structured.

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