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Choosing the Right Sunglasses

Picking out the right frames for sunglasses isn’t the easiest task. Much like regular glasses, when it comes to staying stylish, it’s all a matter of identifying the wearer’s facial shape and working around our own natural curves. With so many different styles to choose from, it’s easy to become lost in the mix, so narrowing down the options will go a long way in identifying the right fit for your face.

Facial Types

Using a handheld mirror at arm’s length after tying back any loose hair coming down from the crown, you should begin by outlining your facial features around the jaw and chin, then continue this outline up around the eyebrows. This will normally reveal one of four distinct shapes: a heart shaped face (eyebrows close to the bridge of the nose), a round face (eyebrows further away from the bridge of the nose), an oval shape (the jaw and chin carries on vertically from the center of the nose), and a square.

Heart Shapes

In addition to close eyebrows, a narrow and tight jawline typically characterizes this face. Wearers should look towards frames that are quite wide at the top in comparison to at the bottom, which will help follow their natural contours more evenly and naturally. Modern sporty frames and retro square sunglasses typically suit this sort of face quite well.

Round Shapes

While extremely common, round faces are very wide at the cheekbones and jaw, which makes sizing frames difficult. It is usually best to break the mold entirely and reach towards more rectangular frames in aims of offsetting the roundness of a face.

Oval Shapes

Longer than they are wide, any round frame is suitable for an oval face. However, it is all about keeping the frame in proportion with the face when it comes to an oval shape. Excessively large or small frames will look awkward in the mirror and to others, but fortunately this is something wearers can determine for themselves.

Square Shapes

Strong jawlines and wide foreheads require softening when it comes to a frame. Thin, metallic frames aid in doing this and it’s usually inappropriate to choose thicker and conventional frames for a square face. Aviator styles tend to be good fits for a square profile, but wearers should take care to match the drop of the frame to suit the face – they should not be significantly below the nostril.

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