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Two vs Three Piece Suits

Choosing Between Two and Three Piece Suits

When it comes to choosing the right occasion and picking between two or three piece suits, men are sometimes at a loss for how to differentiate between the two. After all, the suits are similar on the surface, which can make the decision all the more uncomfortable and difficult. Men can, for the most part, rest assured that there is no hard and fast rules between choosing between two and three piece suits and they will both be found suitable for a suit-worthy occasion. However, guys should keep the following tips in mind:

Consider the Season

Men should always consider the weather they’re about to face when dressing for any occasion and the same rules apply for suits. When it comes to the added layer of the three piece suit, it’s most suitable for the cooler months. While that’s not to say a three piece can’t be worn during the summer months, it does mean that men should have a plan to take off the outer jacket and sport the vest more frequently than they would in cooler temperatures. After all, there’s nothing fashionable about being hot and sweaty, which is why more men opt for a two-piece suit during the summer.

Consider the Environment

A three-piece suit has a timeless elegance about it that usually finds itself suitable in a more traditional, conservative environment. If a workplace has a specific dress code that requires a three-piece suit, then this would be the time to wear one. However, the jury is out on whether or not this should apply when no such rules exist. Many men appreciate the flexibility of wearing a vest while sat at a desk as removing the coat allows them to stay cooler in the usually warmer office temperatures without sacrificing a professional image.

Consider Accessories

When men choose to wear accessories with a suit or accent their suit with a flashy tie, then they must consider whether they’re doing this in a two or three piece option. Again, this has a lot to do with the classic image that a three-piece suit is meant to present. It isn’t the time to start wearing neon ties or light-up cufflinks, which are best saved for a more casual two-piece suit. Instead, sticking with traditional colour schemes in a three-piece suit usually ends up having the best result.

Regardless of what you choose, GvS has a plethora of both two and three piece suits. Check out your options with GvS and order a bespoke suit made just for you!

Michael Snell

Loving father and husband