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Bespoke Work Boot

Choosing the Ultimate Work Boot

There’s no one benchmark when it comes to purchasing the best work boot. Unfortunately for us as people, we were all born with different types of feet and different footwear will work better depending on our personal shapes and strengths. So, it really does come down to buying the right boot for your feet and custom-made boots can definitely be a great option when it comes to this. Let’s take a look at how the custom-fit makes the difference.

Toe Shape

The majority of workmen on job sites will complain about one thing in particular about their boots: the pinching, rubbing, and blistering of a tightly formed protective toe. If at all possible, many bootmakers highly recommend using a composite material for the toe in order to reduce the weight of the boot considerably along with adding a slight amount of flexibility in the region compared to standard boots bought off the shelf. A custom-made boot will eliminate the whole idea of having to tolerate the pinching of protective toes altogether. This is because a bootmaker will take precise measurements of the wearer’s feet in order to provide the exact amount of coverage they require in a shape that actually suits the needs of their feet.

Midsole Protection

Something else bootmakers tend to recommend today is forgoing midsole protection. This will greatly reduce the protection factor of the boot as foreign objects will be able to freely penetrate through the sole and could affect the wearer, but choosing to eliminate this plate will greatly improve the flexibility of the bottom of the boot and result in an almost running shoe-like fit. Where a bootmaker can come into the picture is by providing the exact amount of midsole protection a wearer’s foot actually requires. By placing a purposely-built plate directly along the wearer’s measured midsole, it will work alongside the foot and cradle it appropriately rather than just supporting the entirety of the region and creating a rather rigid sole.

Longevity for Work Boot

Workmen put their boots through very demanding conditions and custom bootmakers respect this, which is exactly why custom-made boots tend to “go the distance” compared to department store safety boots. While there are no official statistics on the matter, it’s estimated that a custom boot will last 10 times longer than a store-bought boot. This is partly thanks to its craftsmanship, but also due to its immediate conformity to the wearer without creating “hotspots” in the boot that lead to early wear and tear.

Who said work boots have to be boring? With Michael Snell Bespoke, you can too afford a bespoke work boot – thanks to our affordable pricing.

Michael Snell

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