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Cap Toe Shoe

Choosing a Versatile Cap Toe Shoe

For white collar administration staff or for a place with formal dress code, cap toe shoes will often be a necessity with your attire. This is because the added reinforcement of a cap toe will allow the wearer to walk in reasonable safety and protection while looking sharp. Looking sharp doesn’t always have to be a rocket science and from casual business to formal business attire, cap toe shoe complements basic slacks and formal dress pants alike. The added reinforcement makes cap toe shoe ultra durable and with few pointers, you can too get the most comfortable and durable cap toe shoe. Fortunately, it’s not all that hard to choose the right cap toe shoe for multiple purposes.

Visible Reinforcement

One of the keys in choosing the right cap toe shoe is that there has to be visible reinforcement in the cap: that is, it has to actually be visible to others that there is a cap within the toe bed. This is important for safety audits from external bodies, who will often be more picky when it comes to warehouse floor staff as opposed to office staff, but will oftentimes still do quick visual checks to ensure compliance. It’s therefore important to choose a cap toe shoe with a raised toe bed and this raise should add quite a bit of “chunk” to the shoe.

Consider Steel Toes

One of the easiest ways to add a significantly raised toe bed is to opt for safety Oxfords, safety brogues, or a similar type of steel toe shoe. This will almost always satisfy legal requirements when it comes to safety in an industrial setting, but may result in inconvenience should wearers be required to work in a non-metallic environment. In these instances, composite materials and PVC can be substituted for a steel toe to provide exceptional protection in a non-metal environment. However, advice should be sought from the employer before purchasing a shoe based on composite materials. They are not universally accepted alternatives.

It’s hard to get the perfect cap toe shoe off the rack with all the bells and whistles and that’s why we recommend getting a bespoke cap toe shoe made just for you. Whatever the safety material, wearers should always try their shoes on to ensure proper fit and there’s no better way to go about it than a bespoke, custom built shoe. There is no give with steel as there is with mesh and leather, so the fit must be excellent from the moment wearers put them on to ensure comfort. It’s not unusual for men to find they require extra width in the toe to have some degree of comfort when it comes to hardened materials. You’ll be surprised to know how inexpensive it can be to get a true bespoke shoe. Check out our bespoke shoes here and feel free to get in touch for a free consultation.

Michael Snell

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