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Custom Clothes Online

How to Communicate Measurement for Custom Clothes Online

Men who have had enough of poorly fitting, off the rack clothes would do well to choose a custom tailor option. Fortunately, a lot of tailors are offering their services online and allow new customers to reach out to them with specific tailoring requests for customized fits. Unlike a brick and mortar store, custom clothes online can be less expensive since there’s not a lot of overhead costs associated. However, new customers will need to have their own measurements on hand in order to process orders and this can not only be frustrating, but costly should any mistakes be made while submitting their numbers. No, this isn’t something guys can just eyeball and hope for the best. Now is the time to get out the measuring tape and make the most of it.

Taking Accurate Measurements

As a general rule of thumb, it is always best to have someone else measure up. This is because our own movements while measuring ourselves put us into awkward positions that are unnatural and just end up creating inaccurate results. When it comes time to submit these numbers to a tailor and receiving the finished product, it’s almost guaranteed that guys will end up with something that just isn’t fitting them properly. That is, unless they get into those positions that they were in to measure themselves in the first place!

If someone else isn’t available to take measurements, then the most accurate way forward is to take a properly fitting garment and measure along the seams. For a shirt, this would include a shoulder to shoulder measurement, an armpit to armpit measurement, sleeve length, and total length. Pants are slightly simpler with only the outer seam and waist to consider. For a more accurate result, pants can be ordered from a tailor unhemmed and finished at a later date to the exact fit. This greatly reduces the amount of errors seen in custom pants when it comes to length. Some tailors may request more precise measurements for pants, like crotch and seat lengths, but these should only be considered if men have particular issues with the fit in these areas and is likely only to affect big and tall guys.


The most important aspect during the process is communication. If men are able to tell tailors exactly how they arrived at such measurements, especially if they were self-measuring, then it’s very likely that tailors will be able to adjust their processes accordingly in order to create a garment that fits perfectly. Like any bespoke tailoring experience, it’s imperative that you clearly communicate with your online tailor about your expectation. Finding custom clothes online isn’t really the challenge but communicating your need is.


Once you have covered all these bases, you’ll be ready to order your next set of custom clothes online in no time. Utilize GvS Consultation Service today and take your first step towards custom clothes online.

Michael Snell

Loving father and husband