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Cap Toe Shoes

Why You Should Consider Custom Made Cap Toe Shoes

Formal shoes have become far more fashionable in recent years, but there’s one thing that manufacturers haven’t solved: the uncomfortable pinching around the toes and overall discomfort associated with wearing formal shoes, boots, and sandals. Fortunately, men don’t need to suffer in silence when it comes to their formal footwear. Cap toe shoes are able to be tailored to meet your feet’s exact needs. Here’s why you should consider the option:

Increase Comfort with Custom Cap Toe Shoes

There’s no secret about it: formal shoes that come from the shelf are usually uncomfortable. The blisters, callouses, and general discomfort of wearing them usually makes comfort in any formal environment quite difficult to achieve. This has little to do with the shoe itself, but rather it’s overall design. As shoe manufacturers have a mould of the “ideal foot”, they expect wearers to fit this mould without issue. Unfortunately, with the added steel and composite materials involved in making a dressier shoe, comfort is usually a rarity. Cobblers and bespoke tailors solve this issue by creating a shoe that moulds to your foot’s dimensions and requirements.

Reduce Health Concerns with Bespoke Built

Many men are aware that wearing poorly-fitting footwear, especially for prolonged hours, can be problematic from a health perspective. With the various supports and materials going into the shoe, cradling the foot awkwardly can force the body’s musculature to compensate for an unstable foot. This can lead to a variety of health concerns in the lower leg including plantar fasciitis, achilles tendinitis, and a variety of knee through to lower back complaints. These concerns can be reduced significantly by choosing a tailored or custom made option, which will work with the wearer’s natural gait and help support the foot properly.

Reduce Perspiration

Many technologies have gone into cap toe shoes as of late that have helped reduce foot odor and sweating, which are all too common in today’s business environment. While they do a great job, that’s not to say it’s a one size fits all solution; yet keeping perspiration to a minimum will go a long way in helping keep the aches and pains of the day at bay. Choosing a custom build option allows men to have specific input in the design process, which can either increase or minimize anti-perspiration technologies to suit their own specific requirements. They may also be able to opt for more breathable materials that also help reduce sweating. However, it’s important to note that this may reduce safety levels as the porous materials may allow foreign objects to penetrate more easily.

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