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December series – The 20’s (The suit)

Style over the years

December edition – The 20’s

Welcome to the style edition series that will take you over the fashion era’s from the 20’s to the current day and a range of designers and fits. We begin in the 20’s an era that was stuffed with flamboyance and elegance. The 1920s fashion for men was the birthstone of menswear, as we know it today. The 20s had mostly neutral suit colours but the accessories popped with vibrant colours just like they did for women in the 20s.

The most important part for the 20s wardrobe, as anyone can imagine, was his suit. Morning, afternoon, evening and night a man would be bound to an elegant 3-piece suit with the exception of young teens and college men that dressed more casually. If you were over the age of 18-20 you would always wear your suit with pride


The Jacket

The main point that sets the 20s suits apart is the material and fit, suits were made of thick wool or a wool based flannel that made them heavier than todays suit, and more hard to obtain today. The only way to obtain such a suit would be a custom order through a tailor such as GVS. Suit jackets were either single or double-breasted but featured 3-4 buttons up the front. The top button came to the centre of the heart giving way to notch lapels, the highness of the lapels set these suits apart from any other era.

3-button4 (1)

How to pull off a 3button suit 

Many suits featured 2 sets of flap pockets, which is another characteristic of 20s suits that haven’t been seen since. The colours on the other hand were dull and mainly consisted of browns, blues, greys and greens. Patterns could have been solid tones or plaids, a main pattern seen in prohibition New York were the gangster pinstripe suits.

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 12.44.10

From left to right available exclusively at GVS;

Pin stripe 3-piece suit $479 – $679

2-piece Velvet navy tux $399-$599

Velvet dress shoes $369

Woolen blazer custom made $179-$279

Brown brogues custom made $369

Heavy-duty Woolen 3-piece suit $679

Full length 100% cashmere coat $439

Crocodile/Alligator brogues $999-$1499

Could you pull off a 20s inspired look? What do you think of the gangster prohibition look of the 20s; let us know in the comments below. This article continues on Sunday 06/12/2015 with the rest of the ensemble, and how to dress like a true gent in the 20s.


Signing off

Akshay Badiani

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