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December series – The 20’s (The Vest and Pants)

Style over the years

December edition – The 20’s

Following swiftly from Tuesday’s edition lets look at the rest of the ensemble that men fashioned in the 20’s. I hope you are enjoying reading the series as much as I am enjoying contributing to GVS and writing these for you gents and ladies out there.


Pants or trousers

The suit pants always matched the jacket in the 20’s they had 2 single pleats at the top and a sharp crease down in front of the legs. Pockets slit on the side and bump on the back with a one-button closure. The pants hung down to roughly mid ankle, which exposed the socks, which were worn high up the leg calf, secured with sock garters. The pant legs were fairly narrow in the first half of the 20s, which was the Jazz Era and wide in the second half. The new wide legs were taken to extreme by ‘oxford bags’, which were leg widths of UP TO 16 INCHES!

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Vests and Waistcoats

Unlike today’s 2-piece suits, in the 20s you required a 3-piece suit with a matching vest. They were high V-necks with full body coverage. It was a fashion faux pax to have your shirt exposed between your vest and pants, and to help avoid mistakes pants were very high, worn above the belly button secured by suspenders OR a leather belt, NOT BOTH. A more casual alternative would be a pullover knit vest single colour or two colour cable knit kept gents warm in the winter.

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What do you think of the wide legs in the 20s? Do you still own a waistcoat for most of your suits? Let us know what you think of the series so far.


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On Tuesday we talk about custom shirts in the 20s, crazy patterns and bringing your outfit together by treading the line of flamboyance.


Signing off

Akshay Badiani

Personal Stylist and Fashion Blogger

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