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December series – The 20’s (Snazzy Shirts and Accessorising)

Style over the years

December edition – The 20’s


Getting snazzy with the shirts

What was it about 20s shirts that put the whole era in history of fashion?

Underneath the vests was where the fun of the 20s fashion began. Vertical stripes and mixture of colors was where it was at in the 20s, one to save for the summer! Tan, green, blue, lilac, sage green, yellow, and pink! Shirt collars were club collars or classic or pointed just like today’s varieties.

If you wanted to make a statement you’d wear a collarless shirt. The Great Gatsby shocked the fashionable world wearing collarless shirts, and the rest of the world followed suit (pun intended).


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No outfit is complete without accessories, this statement was made true in the 20s, and it was the era of accessorizing in the 20s! The cuffs were the unique element; there were usually French or button cuffs worn with monogrammed cufflinks. Wealthy men also wore shirt links with nice dress shirts to add some class.


Another element of colour were the 20s neckwear, men either wore bow ties with patterns or a plaid necktie. Bowtie were self-tying, normally with a thick and puffy look. Neckties had diagonal stripes, plaid, check or an art deco inspired pattern.

patterned ties

The two other items were the colour popping cloves and pocket squares. These two items were normally matched or tied in color of the necktie. Bright colours of leather gloves were usually chosen over traditional black, brown or grey gloves. The modern equivalent are very hard to find and are often ranging over $700 to get custom made, (more expensive than a 3piece suit at GVS).


colour with bowtie

The pocket square is a decoration made of silk; it was coordinated with the one colour in a gent’s tie or band of his hat.

2tone oxford shoes

Arguably the most iconic shoe in the 20s and potentially in the history of fashion was the 2tone lace up oxford. Brown and white were the most popular with casual looks. Grey and white were less common but still used. As the decade progressed the shoes became swankier with added wingtips. Working classes also still wore lace up boots.

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