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Exploring the 30’s

Style over the years
December edition – The 30’s

We continue with style over the years for the 30s leading up to Christmas. The 1930s was the evolution of the superman body and clothing reflected this new shape with broader shoulders, thin waists and tapered legs. The shoulder line was spread to line up with the bicep. Shoulder pads helped keep the shape.

There was the appearance of more V shapes on topcoats and suits with wide pointed lapels. The elongated lapels emphasized the V shape. The overcoats had one unique feature, the pockets large, square, and positioned rather high. It was designed to beef up men and make them appear more masculine and larger than they are.

Initially the inspiration for the topcoats was drawn from the British Guard. The coats were angled down, creating a V shape; sleeves repeated this pattern starting out roomy and then narrowing down.

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 14.23.50

The V shape was very prominent on men’s topcoats and suits with the appearance of wide pointed lapels. The lapels extended down to the set of a 4button double-breasted closure.
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Tall pants
Trousers spread farther up the waist, 3inches or above the usual waistline. Pants legs cuffed at the bottom for a casual wear and were straight hemmed for professional occasions. Most 30s trousers were quite wide in comparison to todays slim fitting trends.

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 14.25.06

The suit
The formal suit pants matched the suit jacket; the 30s was full of solid colour’s like greys, browns, and navy blues, although there was a mix of patterns and plaids. Larger plaids, stripes were popular with the younger generations. Lighter tans and white were perfect for summer whilst darker colour’s of navy’s and chocolate browns and black were ideal for the latter months.

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Do you prefer the 30s to the 20s? Come back on Saturday for the rest of the look from hats to shirts and sweaters. Let us know what you think of the 30s so far.

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