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30’s the complete outfit

So you’ve been following our 1930s series and want to experiment and potentially put a look together, this guide will take you through from head to toe to help you pick out a perfect suit. Once again I cannot emphasise enough as I mentioned in the 20’s full outfit post;

“How ‘easy’ depends on how much you want to spend. Thankfully GVS is one of the VERY FEW stores that carry the look to complete such an outfit and customise everything to your liking. We collected these costumes over a few years of looking so you don’t have to hunt.”

The difference in the day and afternoon dress code

Very formal morning outfits included a black tailcoat, stripe pants, a wingtip shirt, accessorised with a tie, hat and gloves. This look was reserved for upper class daytime events although it became too formal for most of the 30’s and quickly found its way out of fashion, just as it did into fashion.

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 15.54.03

Before noon a 30’s man wore a tweed double-breasted overcoat with a 3-piece single-breasted suit with a mid sized stripe. You then had the option to accessorise with leather gloves, a cane, or an umbrella.

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 15.57.24

As it led to late afternoon the dress code became slightly more business like. With a black double-breasted overcoat, 3piece double-breasted navy, brown, or grey, with a white silk shirt usually did the job. A bowler hat usually followed with polished oxford shoes.

For the late formal dinners after 6pm, a black 6BUTTON!! Let that sink in, 6BUTTON, dinner jacket with long lapels and square shoulders was a classic style. Trousers had a long column like fit, and for some more formal events, a thin fitting tux was the entire mode. Fred Astaire wore a fitted tux and every man wanted to be him!

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 15.58.45

Now you have the inspiration, go out and create your own 30’s looks and let us know what you’ve tried in the comments. If you have any questions let us know – EVERYTHING you’ve read in this article is available at GVS in your size! How do we know we have it in your size? Everything is fully bespoke so it fits YOU.

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