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30’s the women outfit (NYE SPECIAL)

Whilst doing the men’s editorials, I am getting several requests to do a women’s feature – I will try my best and give a women’s editorial a go and if there’s enough positive feedback I shall continue. Women’s clothing can be pretty complicated although lucky for us the styles repeat themselves every few decades, for instance the 90s is the same as the 30s – blousy cinched top that comes in at the natural waist. The natural waist is slightly above your bellybutton or below your ribcage, in a nutshell the smallest part of your midsection.

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 16.04.26

Women in the 30s loved to match. Dress, belt, jacket, hat, shoes, purse, gloves all had to be similarly matched. The most common shape of the skirt was spear shaped with a kick at the bottom almost forming a bell shape. It hugged a woman’s curves.

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 16.03.39

These types of articles of clothing are found around thrift stores these days although can be made bespoke for a price – why not contact GVS for some potential custom outdated clothing.

Also for the 30s look, rip the shoulder pads out of everything, yes I mean everything. They’re more of a thing of the 80s and I’mm confident it will find its way back into style. The 30s was about appearing slender and put together, fancy collars were a big deal. Most dresses had a lace handkerchief around the neck. Flutter sleeves worked day or night, and were always flattering no matter how big or small you are.

The thirties were about appearing as slender and put together as possible. Fancy collars were a big deal back then as well. Most dresses had lace or a handkerchief around the neck. For more formal type dresses, they got more creative. The designs were commonly asymmetrical and decorative cut-outs in the back were popular. Flutter sleeves work for day or night, then and now. They are always flattering no matter how big or small you are.

Hair was always done, women were growing out bobs, and had finger waves, which can be achieved with a 3barrel weaver. Make up was subtle – a discreet liquid eye liner and pale eyeshadow did the job. Fake eyelashes were a little more overdone, and were a shade darker than natural, rounded then arched.

Signing off

Akshay Badiani

Personal Stylist and Fashion Blogger

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