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White Dinner Jacket

The Definitive White Dinner Jacket Guide

As the longer nights continue at a much cooler temperature compared to the warmer months, the socially-quipped warm weather black tie events are popping up in bigger numbers. As the name suggests, these events require formal black tie attire, but fashionable men are well-aware that a tuxedo should never see the light of day. This is where the white dinner jacket comes into play and modern styling has made it a very popular choice for dinnertime wear. Let’s take a look at exactly how men should wear a white dinner jacket appropriately.

Cuts of Dinner Jacket

Much like a classic tuxedo, the white dinner jacket comes in both single and double breasted cuts. Single-breasted dinner jackets are the more common style and will almost always be the rental choice when men don’t choose to buy their dinnertime jacket. Based on the single-breasted tuxedo, it creates a rather timeless look that conforms to the standards of black tie dress. Double-breasted jackets are also available, but the key to looking great in a double-breasted jacket is tailoring or purchasing the jacket directly from a the beginning of its creation. One of the most prevalent myths surrounding black tie attire is that rentals are ill-fitting. This may be the case for some rental outfits and especially applies to a double breast, but there’s simply no workaround when it comes to getting the best possible fit. AA Custom Clothiers are able to provide this service to prospective buyers seeking white dinner jackets.


Notch lapels are the most prevalent of the lapels in today’s era of slim and sleek cuts. The narrow opening of the notch doesn’t draw attention to a man’s frame and instead provides a very contoured silhouette throughout the jacket. Peak lapels, on the other hand, tend to be found on double-breasted jackets in aims of accentuating a broader man’s width. While these lapels can be used freely on the other cut, its overall appearance and aesthetics will largely depend on the wearer’s body.

Rent or Buy?

The choice to rent or buy a dinner jacket will largely depend on the frequency of use. If a man is attending a one-off occasion and won’t be attending another black tie event for the foreseeable future, then the rental jacket is obviously going to be the savvier choice. However, men should always aim to rent from a reputable outfitter who is able to provide a tailoring service to ensure the best possible fit. Without this service available to them, men should always opt to purchase a jacket regardless of the frequency in order to be properly presented at their event.

Buying a quality jacket is an investment and should be treated as such. Do your due diligence and pick from the very best of tailors. Click here to start a bespoke consultation for free with Michael Snell Bespoke.

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