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Ditch Big Brands: Shop Small

Why Should You Ditch Big Brands

We’re all guilty of it: we love certain pieces of clothing just because they come from a specific designer or comes from big brands. Sure they might fit well enough and come in a color that’s somewhat exclusive to their particular range, but the only reason we like it is because it has a designer’s logo that says to the world what sort of expectations we have of it and our own level of self-esteem. Unfortunately, the big labels know this all too well and have churned out mediocre garments for years. After all, don’t all of those top-end designer fashion pieces end up falling apart after a few months of heavy wear?

Price Control

One of the reasons high end fashion labels end up falling apart so quickly is because marketing departments and heads of businesses control the prices of the fashion market. Yes, we may be paying a certain high-end amount for clothes from a specific label, but savvy business minds are in the game of profit and must expand their margins as far as possible. No, this doesn’t necessarily mean that quality needs to be sacrificed, but the raw materials will often be sourced from poorer quality outlets and machinists will often be paid poorly in order to have job security and continuous work in the fashion market. Of course, this doesn’t always mean that the end product is going to be poor, but recent trends do suggest that our clothes from the big labels are of lesser quality than they were before.


Most businesses thrive because of their advertising and fashion is no exception to this rule. In fact, fashion and beauty are two of the leading businesses when it comes to advertising. It’s not unusual to flick on the TV and find a commercial hyping the latest trends, which is exactly what sends customers in droves to their nearest shops to buy whatever it is it’s showing. We’re all partly to blame for this, but it is the big names in fashion that know exactly what sets us off and gets us buying things in large quantities.

The Solution

The solution to the decline in clothing quality is to buy from smaller businesses and tailors. The prices will understandably be slightly higher, but what customers end up with are properly fitted clothes that were made specifically for their bodies. The quality of the end product also tends to be far higher as better materials will be used and tailors will be given the freedom to create and sew at their own speed. Just because some clothing are from big brands doesn’t necessarily mean higher quality and more often than not, the opposite is true. Shop small and support small businesses to grow!

Michael Snell

Loving father and husband