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Dress Shirt

Dress Shirt Ideas for Winter

As the weather begins to turn to generally cold and wet conditions and the indoor temperatures are ramped up through artificial heaters, wood fires, and stoves, fashionable men are looking for ways to lose a lot of their heavier summertime bulk in favor of something a bit more comfortable for winter wear. However, what does a dress shirt suitable for the winter months look like? Let’s find out.

Spread Collar

The spread collar comes in various designs and angles, but the idea behind it allows the tailor to open up the upper shirt for more formal tie knots. It also lends itself incredibly well to the winter as the added breadth of the collar allows more air circulation around the neck, which can’t be said for a more standard point collar.

However, due to the distance between the collar points, the spread collar looks very out of place unless it is accompanied by a tie in a full Windsor knot. Therefore, it’s usually only appropriate for more formal office attire. It has gained quite a bit of popularity over recent years and is becoming a staple in more casual wear, but it is still largely seen as one of the more formal shirt collar options available on the market today.

Cocktail Cuff

The cocktail cuff is also known as the turn-back cuff and walks a very fine line between casual and formal wear. While it does have enough formality to find itself paired with a spread collar, it is usually not the first cuff option and it will be more common to find the French cuff with a spread collar. Nonetheless, winter time conditions will lend itself to the relaxed roll of the cocktail cuff, which will allow more breathability around the wrists and forearms. It’s also an acceptable option when men are ditching jackets altogether in favor of a vest for the ultimate indoor wintertime comfort.

Dress Shirt Materials

A heavyweight cotton is what men will usually find in their dress shirts, but when it comes to winter wear, they will likely want to opt for a more lightweight option. Unfortunately, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to buying lightweight cottons and men will simply have to look until they find a material weight that provides adequate protection against the elements along with the comfort levels they’re looking for.

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