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Welcome to the second instalment FEATURING the dress-watch of how to invest in yourself, by spending less by buying quality and buying once. The dress-watch is your second investment item – If you haven’t caught our other editorials simply click the link below to re-direct you to the other articles of how to invest in yourself.

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This article is based on Switzerland watch makers, TagHeur’s, the dress-watch makers who set the industry precedent and have been producing luxury watches for 150years. Their designs have been worn by A-listers such as Steven McQueen. A dress-watch is always needed to pair with your bespoke wardrobe, which you can build exclusively at GVS at a fraction of the price you would be able to elsewhere.

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Stop 1 – CAD design of the dress-watch

This is the stage that turns designs into exceptional blueprints. The initial concept is laid out in a brief. Once this is done, they manufacture individual pieces with the intention of creating a prototype.

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Stop 2 – The individual pieces of the dress-watch

  1. The heart of every dress-watch is the movement, which lives behind the dial; this is the reason behind the accuracy and perception of every watch.
  2. The dials have 2parts which tell us the time using the indexes
  3. Which are housed in the case, which can range from rubber to gold.
  4. Finally the strap is to keep it on your wrist.

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Stop3 – testing the dress-watch (THE TORTURE ROOM)

The watches are put through individual stress tests. These assaults include water, alcohol, stress tests and even bullets – it can finally go into production.

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Stop 4 – production

Encasing the dress-watch, semi automatic, or all done by hand.

It is incredible how many steps the watch development goes through! The most difficult being placing everything together, this takes hundreds and hundreds of hours. The specialists have to train 4years in watch making school before being able to be part of such an intricate production line. This justifies those limited Rolex’s and TAGHEUR thousands of pounds watch.

You are paying for the research, the development, the unique; the know-how of the company, there is an incredible amount that goes into this. A good quality watch should outlive even you. Some of TAG’s most exclusive pieces is made by 1 watchmaker in a room, their most exclusive watch is $300,000. The fastest chronograph is accurate to 5/10,000 of a second, “it beats as fast as a helicopter you cannot see it move”. Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 20.07.29

3 Tips to invest in a watch

  • Buy Swiss, the Swiss have been setting the bar for centuries and do not show any signs of slowing down.
  • Think about your lifestyle, are you sporty don’t get a leather strap as it will wear, business minded invest in a metal dress-watch.
  • Take your time and do your research, your dress-watch will most likely outlive you and is something you can pass down generations. So spend time doing your research.