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Spring Fashion 2016

Dressier Ideas for This Spring

The trends of 2016 are marked by two things so far: ruggedness and overall weight. This season, which is going to be a cold one for many of us, has made a lot of us turn to items that will provide us with quite a lot of warmth and the versatility that ensures we’re dressed and appropriate for just about any situation we might find ourselves in. So, what should we be reaching for this spring? Let’s take a look.


Relaxed fits, one of the most iconic styles of the late 1990s, are reemerging with quite a few new additions. Fortunately, the looser nature of the cut means that men will be able to wear relaxed jeans well into the summer months before men start reaching for shorts or cut offs, but for now they’re providing a very trendy option while the icy blasts continue to rip through the season.

However, there’s one important addition to the relaxed fit that’s making them a particularly attractive option for this season: distressed cuts. Again, what were formerly quite popular fashion statements across the last decade, distressed cuts to the knee and thigh have been fused with the relaxed cuts. This is creating a very fashionable garment that allows wearers to ensure their distressed cuts remain in better condition for longer periods of time, which can’t be said for the tighter skinny fits that they’re usually associated with.


What was once a hunting garment suitable for any discerning outdoorsman, tweed became an iconic fashion statement in the late century and has since come back into rotation thanks to its very thick and hardy nature. What makes tweed a particularly good option is that it’s suitable for both formal and casual occasions, and can be dressed up or down to suit just about any situation men find themselves in. For example, wearing a tweed blazer and jeans is just as acceptable as wearing tweed as a part of a full suit or even with mismatched corduroy trousers. The sheer amount of options that can be associated with this type of wool make it a particularly good investment for men of all ages.

Fashion Trainers

Trainers Don't Have to be Boring

Trainers Don’t Have to be Boring

Slowly disappearing are the days when running shoes were marked by colorful patterns and bold neons. Now, runners are becoming a more fashion-minded footwear choice thanks to the assortment of slick training shoes. You hit two birds with one stone with a dressier pair of trainers too – comfort and styling.

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