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Larger Men Have Options Too!

Dressing Secrets for the Larger Man

There’s no two ways about it: we, as a whole, are getting larger and bigger. Whether we’re growing taller or have bulging waistlines, the clothes we’re trying to fit ourselves into simply don’t fit as well as they should and are making us look quite atrocious in the process. Fortunately, there is a way around it and it doesn’t necessarily involve diet and exercise (although they’d certainly help). Let’s take a look at how to dress the bulkier body.

Avoid Gym Wear

While the skinny boys can tend to get away with athletic wear, the bulkier frame doesn’t lend itself well to very low-brow, saggy, and high cut clothes. It’s quite easy for the body to lose its shape in these and this only adds to the problem rather than solving it altogether. The low formality of athletic wear tends to make larger men look like slobs and are best reserved for jobs around the house or used as gym clothes.

The best clothes for the larger body will define the frame and accent its features. Therefore, a larger man should always reach for more formal styles and look to dress in suits, sports jackets, long sleeves, and fitted pants. The added benefit of wearing formal wear on a more regular basis is that a tailor can adjust these items should a man choose to lose any weight further down the line. The same can’t be said for casual cottons.

Choose the Right Fit

The wrong fit can create the wrong image altogether. When the lines are kept smooth along the body, onlookers tend to lose the impression that big men are “fat” and instead think “well-built”. This is crucial for any man in today’s fashion scene, but it’s essential for larger builds. It is all about keeping the right balance and proportions to enhance comfort: not dressing “skinnier” just because that is what advertising may lead men to believe.

A tailor can help in this scenario, but men can also find the right fit by simply trying different cuts of cloth on. The right fit is one that hugs the body gently and doesn’t roll off the torso with excessive folds of cloth. Clothes that are overly tight or loose aren’t the right choice for the larger man. Accessories should also be used appropriately in conjunction with the right clothes: this isn’t the time for skinny or novelty ties!

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