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How to purchase smart durable shoes for the office

With Spring still months away, you should probably looking for footwear that will not only look classic, but wont wear off in the tougher conditions like rain, snow or sleet. Not a lot of men can get away with wearing wellies to meetings, so we’d recommend you leave your boots at home. So the question remains, what shoes will protect you from mother nature? You need to invest in a pair of durable shoes that will last you no matter what the weather is outside.

Firstly pay attention to the material. A good pair of shoes should have waxed or oiled leather, or well treated animal skin such as alligator or croc, that can be found with GVS’ exotic shoes. These shoes are soaked with oils and waxes whilst tanning, which give them a greater degree of resistance. This will protect you from all matters of rain, hail and snow and are some of the most durable shoes you will ever find due to the incredible quality and talent of our cobblers and the time that goes into making these shoes at the GVS workshop.

What about the bottom of your shoes? A commando sole will help you will grip but the chunk will also show beneath your shoe, rubber soles are more discreet and hard wearing, if you request for a rubber sole for GVS shoes there is potential they may create a custom pair for you. The commando dainite sole is good for outdoors and will give you more grip.

How can you determine if its “office-appropriate”? A smart oxford or chelsea boot would work well although wingtips, should you be able to find it with a leather combination that has been waxed and oiled can work too. You can also invest in some wax to polish your shoes which will help with water resistance.



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