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Engagement gift ideas that outdate the ring

Normally the idea of a woman proposing is considered crazy, and weird, but at GVS we are all about thinking outside the box and moving into the future. Here are some GVS tips on how to give an engagement gift to sweeten the deal or even give a gift you can pair with a bespoke shirt from GVS as a gift for every occasion!

A watch: Not only will a timepiece upgrade his wrist game, although it would look incredible with his wedding suit. To confine with tradition your go-to outlets should be an investment piece, we suggest Tag Heuer, Tiffanys, Cartier, & Rolex.

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Cufflinks: There is a strong chance your wedding will require your fiancee to wear a suit, hence, feature cufflinks. Go for something classic like a flat surface that he can later engrave, or something he can wear for years to come such as the knot links. Why not go for a bespoke suit from GVS and then a pair of engraved cufflinks you can pass down the family in due course? A thoughtful and classy engagement gift.

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Bracelet: The current street style recommends bracelets, they are definitely the statement accessories of this decade, keep it simple with something sleek or go form something studded with a masculine blue stone, sometimes traditions need to be turned on their head. This is the perfect gift to go with a GVS bespoke shirt!

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Shoes: If you are getting hitched to a sneaker head, you can get a custom job on Nike Air Forces or a pair of customised Jordan’s he may just never leave you. However if he is more accustomed to a suit maybe its time to hit Harrods for their tattooing service for those hot heeled brogues.

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Ring: Last but not least if you want to confirm to tradition, this classic may do the job. That said it doesn’t have to be diamonds, try hit a sleek design, we recommend a solid wedding band, or a Tiffany’s signet ring! Go oldschool and stick with the engagement gift that has lasted decades.

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