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Buffalo Horn Sunglasses

Being one of the best bespoke clothing store for men in USA. Msnellbespoke Store delivers the best products to clients. To fulfill the fashion desires, we try to bring all types of the latest products and accessories required by the users. We work to retain the customers, buy providing them quality products and services.

Eye-wear Collection

Our latest collection comes with Msnellbespoke Buffalo Horn sunglasses. These are the best quality anti-allergic frames, which are very safe for our skin especially for people who are suffering from different types of skin allergies.

Luxury Item

Buffalo horn sunglasses give you luxury looks because they are made from natural products which are the tusk of buffalo. There are special curators who give a perfect shape to the horns to curate sunglasses frames from it.


Buffalo horn frames are usually hand-made, You will get these glasses in a variety of shapes and sizes according to your desire and comfort. These frames give you elegant looks and are adjustable according to the temperature conditions. Usually, these frames are lightweight as compared to metallic frames.


Being a rare item, buffalo horn frames are expensive. At Msnellbespoke, Buffalo horn Sunglasses Price starts from $115 and goes to $199. Along with sunglasses, you will get a stylish case with the branding of Msnellbespoke. You will be guided by our expert as to how to take care of your buffalo glasses to protect them from scratches.


As these buffalo goggles are made from buffalo tusk, they are very hard and durable and are corrosion or rust-free. If these glasses are handled with care they could last for 4-5 years.


If you are a fashion lover, and fond of sunglasses and Goggles – Buffalo horn sunglasses is the best option for you for the comfort they provide to your eyes and face. You should definitely try it once.





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