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How to get the best facial hair of your life

When it comes to your facial hair you have to tread carefully between slick and scruffy. The line between David Gandy and Jim Chapman, it isn’t about how much facial fur you have, its the products you treat it with. This editorial works from trimmers, to wash, to oil here are our recommendations to work with whatever length of facial hair you want to sport.

1. Beard trimmer

To get that perfect length you’d like you will first have to find the perfect trimmer. Keep your beard tidy with a quick trim, or don’t that depends entirely on the look you’re going for. When you visit your barber ask him for the setting he uses on your beard, so you can trim it in shape till your next haircut.

WE RECCOMEND – Babyliss Superstubble beard trimmer (£55)

Babyliss Beard Trimmer

We love babyliss’ superstubble trimmer because it lets you get the length just right. The trimmer allows you to make minuscule alterations to the length you want so you can have your beard just the way you want it. Having it show you how much charge you have left and the waterproof feature makes it versatile and makes sure it doesn’t die on you in the middle of a trim.

2. Beard wash

You don’t want a filthy beard so you have to clean it every other day to keep the germs in check, and it will get rid of the dead skin below the beard! CRISIS SORTED.

WE RECCOMEND – Murdock Beard Shampoo (£20)

Murdock Beard Shampoo

If you’ve read our review of Murdock’s new boutique in Soho you’ll know that Murdock is one of London’s finest barbers, and if you haven’t catch it HERE. This beard wash contains a fresh mix of ingredients that help untangle beards and reduce static frizz, it’s a great product to help give your facial hair a fresh feeling.

3. Beard oil

So you now have a new trimmed and washed beard lets get it up to speed. Invest in some quality beard oil. This will sooth your rough hairs and add a layer of protection whilst moisturising your skin. A couple of drops every other day is all you need.

WE RECCOMEND – Tom Ford Conditioning Oil (£40)

Tom Ford Beard Oil

These come in 3 different scents; Tobacco Vanille, Neroli Portofino, or Oud Wood, our personal favourite is Tobacco Vanille, the spicy blend has a chai like smell that really entwines with the word ‘sensual’. Although we would reccomend the Neroli for the summer.

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