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Fall Fashion Staples for Men

The season is starting to change, so it’s time for a man’s wardrobe to receive a few changes, too. Unfortunately, much of what was appropriate for the summer isn’t going to make it through the next season into winter, so now is the time to choose wisely in order to have time to prepare for the winter’s complete overhaul. Let’s take a look at some of this year’s most desirable fall fashion pieces:

Fall Can be the Best of Both Worlds!

Fall Can be the Best of Both Worlds!

Dark Denim at the Peak of Fall Fashion

Yes, fall usually means the introduction of a lot more denim into a man’s wardrobe. While there’s nothing necessarily wrong with this, the dated look of distressed blue jeans isn’t something that the coming season is calling for. That’s not to say a man can’t have these in his wardrobe whatsoever, but dark denim jeans (dark wash through to black jeans) are this season’s hot ticket. Men will also want to find a slim cut should their leg size accommodate them. The sleek, silhouetted effect is quite fashionable at the moment.

Sweatpants are the New Trends

While some notorious celebrities have introduced sweatpants into their day to day wear, an increasing amount of men are beginning to follow suit and casually wear sweatpants on days when the most fashionable of items aren’t called for. Many fashion minds don’t believe sweatpants have any place in a man’s wardrobe, but this idea is slowly changing thanks to evolving trends. However, it’s not a matter of buying the cheapest cotton sweatpants and hitting the town. Jogger jeans and jogger sweats are what’s called for in this case as they’re more fitted and have a structured appearance. Design features like pockets and a zip fly would also be appropriate for dressing up a pair of sweats.

Crew Neck Sweatshirts are Timeless

During that twilight season when the weather is still warm enough for lighter layers, but still need something a little warmer for those cooler moments, a crew neck sweatshirt is something that’s becoming quite desirable thanks to the various print designs that men might otherwise avoid. Casual, childish prints through to more sophisticated logos can be found on a crew neck and allow wearers to experiment with the various looks and designs in order to find the right shirt for them. As the weather turns colder they can also be worn as an outer layer on top of a button up shirt, so men would be wise to consider sizing up if they want a particular shirt to follow them into the coldest times of the year.

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