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Fall Skincare Tips For Men

The changing season will mean a change in skincare routines. As the conditions become cooler and usually drier with Fall fast approaching, a skincare regime will need to adjust itself accordingly in order to keep a man looking his best. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways men can keep their skin in top condition this coming autumn.

Moisturizing Cleanser for Fall

Cleansers should form key components of any skincare regime. If a man is using a harsh soap or some sort of low-end face scrub in a hot shower, then chances are he’s doing his skin a terrible disservice and drying out his skin completely. Using a moisturizing cleanser that’s gentle and pH balanced will help ensure a more natural, clear finish that avoids the typical dried out, wrinkly appearance associated with a poor facial cleansing procedure.

As the season changes, men should pay particular attention to those cleansers that are hydrating and moisturizing, which will play a key role in ensuring the quality of the skin remains high as the climate changes.

Avoid Cheap Razors

During the summer months, cheap disposable razors tend to make an appearance in a man’s beauty kit. While the summer is usually the time to do this and many men can get away with skimping in this department during the warmer months, the drier conditions will only lead to increased skin irritation as the season changes. It is now the time to upgrade to a more effective multi-blade razor that suits the skin’s sensitivity and coarseness of a man’s facial hair. Similarly, men should opt for moisturizers in their shaving creams, which will help further lubricate the skin and decrease irritation along the way.

Fall Skincare

Fall Skincare

Use Premium Aftershave

The purpose of aftershave, besides lending a subtle fragrance to a man’s face, is to hydrate and soothe freshly shaved skin and act as a sort of sealant against airborne irritants. Men should opt for a more premium, alcohol-free aftershave during the fall to avoid the drying effects of alcohol. This may mean a change in the level of fragrance available to an aftershave blend, but the end result will be far more aesthetically pleasing.

Don’t Neglect Sunscreen (Even in Fall)

Even though men aren’t being exposed to as high levels of UV radiation, the sun can still have damaging effects into the fall. Light moisturizers that have a SPF rating of at least 15 can provide adequate protection against the sun’s harmful rays during the fall with the added bonus of providing crucial moisturizing effects during the drier moments of the season.

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Michael Snell

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  • These are great tips for transitioning skin care for the fall – especially the point about sunscreen. Yes sunscreen should really be worn year-round as UV rays are present all year. UV rays are a leading cause of skin damage and skin aging. Men need sun protection as much as women – the sun does not discriminate. Thanks for sharing this article.