All orders are processed and delivered within 4 weeks of the date you place your order. We will contact you to inform you when we have shipped your garments.

Unfortunately it is not possible to expedite orders. Processing takes 2-4 weeks and we request that you order sufficiently in advance to allow for alterations, especially if you require the garments for a special occasion.

After placing my Michael Snell Bespoke order, will I be charged any additional taxes or tariffs.


No. The measuring process designed for Michael Snell Bespoke allows you to measure yourself within 10 minutes (with the assistance of a friend).


This unique measuring system is designed to be simple for you to use at home and our experience shows that best results do not require the services of a tailor.

Michael Snell Bespoke employs a 3 stage review of your measurements, which means that your self-measurements that you enter online are only used as a basis for making your suit. They are not your final garment measurements. To achieve an ideal fit:

1.Follow our videos and complete a self-measurement.

2.Based on your height and weight, our professionals may make amendments to the cut.

3.At Michael Snell Bespoke we allocate a Master Tailor to utilize his many years of experience, who will hand cut your suit to the ideal specification.

Upon ordering one of our garments, we keep your measurements to provide you with perfect fitting garments in the future without needing additional measurements.

However, if necessary it is of course possible to alter your measurements. If you need to do so, please email to tell us (in inches) how to amend your measurements compared to the most recent garment you received from us. For example: Jacket Length: +0.5″, Pants Hips: -1.25″.

When emailing us, please also explain the purpose for amending the measurements.

Michael Snell Bespoke suits are designed to flatter your figure, regardless of your size and shape. Each garment is 100% order made based on your individual measurements.

Alterations and Refunds

Michael Snell Bespoke offers a Customer Concierge to deal with any issues that may arise. If required, we are able to cover up to $50 of alterations per order. Alternatively, we may use new materials to completely remake your order.

We would appreciate if you could place the ill-fitting garments in the smallest size package possible, and return to the following address. Please use only regular domestic postage. Here are the details to include on your label on the outside of your package:

Michael Snell Bespoke
Attn: ico Michael D. Snell
#142-1, Itaewon-Ro
Yongsan-Ku, Seoul, South Korea 04300

Return for REMAKE

Order #: _________

Goods Returned to Vendor

Up to $50 alterations are covered by Michael per order. You may have your local alterations shop perform the alterations for you. Our Customer Concierge at is available to answer your questions, and may be able to suggest local shops in your area where you can have the alterations made.

28 days is the usual amount of time to make and ship a remake to you. For further details and to decide how to move forward, please contact us at 1 (844) 214-1911.

Our priority is ensuring you have a perfect fitting garment. Please contact us at 1 (844) 244-1911 if you are not satisfied or the suit doesn’t fit as you expected.

Payment & Inquiries

Yes, we offer a 24 hour Customer Care Center. Our number is 1-844-214-1911

There are two payment options:
1. Credit card – Visa, MasterCard, or American Express – Michael Snell Bespoke accepts cards and uses an SSL encryption on credit card processing.
2. PayPal – As well as the Michael Snell Bespoke credit card processor, a third party payment processor with very secure encryption is offered through PayPal. This secure means of payment is used by millions daily. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Diners cards are all accepted as Paypal accepts all major cards. Debit cards and eCheques may also be used and a Paypal account is not required.

Feel free to get in touch with us and we will be happy to help. Let us know if the garment is for regular use or a special occasion, and tell us any style preferences you have.

Your personal information will be kept safe and secure thanks to the SSL secure connection featured on our website and utilized during your credit card transaction. When checking your statement, you will find our charge listed as “”.

Garment & Customization

Absolutely. Any of our suits can be made as a three piece suit. Simply select ‘three piece’ from the collections section and let us know if you have any special requirements regarding fabric. We carefully choose matching fabric for you order.

Yes, we can incorporate functional sleeve buttonholes, although if you encounter issues with sleeve length it might not be possible to remake your garment.

A full list of customization options are available on all suits, shirts and outerwear offered by Michael Snell Bespoke. With the exception of the adjustable waist for trousers, we do not charge for any other customization options. They are entirely free.

There is an entire selection of customization options when using the Michael Snell Bespoke measuring process for your order.

Furthermore, if you would like something that isn’t listed, please get in touch within 24 hours of making your purchase and tell us your request. We will do our best to add further customization as desired. Please have your invoice number to hand.

You can start customizing your suit straight away. There are several options for linings.

Here are the widths of our jacket lapels:

Peak Lapel: 2.75″
Notch Lapel: 2.75″
Slim Lapel: 2.36″
Double Breasted: 3.14″

Please note that there may be slight variations according to individual width and button quantity.

Please contact us within 24 hours of placing your order, at and our customer service team will add the customization if the order hasn’t already been sent to our tailor. Please be aware that changes made after the initial order may cause delay in order processing.

Each account may have only one measurement profile. Please have each groomsman create his own.

We suggest 45 days, and even better would be 60 days before your wedding ceremony. This extra time will allow you to make alterations if desired.