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Success Lies within Simplicity

The Fashion Mindset of Successful Men

Many men are under the impression that a wardrobe based on success is one that will closely mimic successful people. While there is some truth to this, it’s simply not a matter of going out and buying whatever the latest celebrities and political figureheads are wearing. Some inspiration can be drawn from their wardrobe, but style habits of truly successful men are built on simple and minimalist ideas that boost confidence and decrease stress.

Eliminating Choice

The entire concept of “choice” is what successful men tend to do away with when it comes to their wardrobe. No, it doesn’t mean any guy can get away with sweats and a t-shirt in the name of keeping things easy, but successful men often have a rotation of somewhat repetitive pieces that create their own fashion pattern. The idea is to do away with the stress and headspace that a packed wardrobe occupies. Instead, men should look towards replacing a filled-out wardrobe with iconic pieces that look great, fit well, and don’t adhere to fad trends.

Decreasing Cost

While there’s no denying the most well put-together pieces are pricey, the overall cost of a cluttered wardrobe is far higher than choosing truly fashionable items that are fitted properly. What’s important to note here is that men can do away with a lot of off the rack clothing options that don’t fit right when choosing a minimalist wardrobe. By opting for more bespoke options, as is the case with many successful men, guys will create a wardrobe that is purpose-built for their specific needs. Yes, it may require some investment depending on what men already have in stock, but the end cost is far lower than simply throwing money at whatever is in the store and hoping for the best.

Increasing Confidence

A well-built wardrobe is one that will make a man look sophisticated, smart, and confident. This is something that copying another person’s style won’t do, since another man’s style will be designed for his body and his physique alone. Similarly, a well-built wardrobe offers the ability to opt for customization options that aren’t available with cloning another man’s style or choosing popular labels. There is no reason to specifically avoid labels, but those labels must actually fit a man’s body properly and this is rarely the case due to batch manufacturing processes and quick turnaround times.

Michael Snell

Loving father and husband