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Individual Style

Finding Your Individual Style: Swaddle Your Silhouette

The desire to cut a unique figure has a powerful pull in modern society. With the rise in consumerism and the focus on brand, more and more emphasis is placed on the individual to stand out. And this focus is first placed on individual wardrobe. In a global culture numbering in the billions, the visual cue a person makes rightly has precedence over other qualities. There are so many people, so many trends, so many niches, that to deviate from the norm in a unique way is to draw immediate attention. How then does a man develop an individual style that emphasizes his best qualities, that provides him with originality without being outlandish and so awkward. The answer is through a lot of effort.

To develop your own style you must first know who you are and how you feel about life. What are your traits? Are you relaxed or are you concentrated? Do you prefer pastels or sober tones? Knowing how you feel about life in general is important as it gives your clothing choices a direction.

You must then take into account your build. Not all cuts of cloth work for every body type. Thinner men tend to need more fabric and fancier cuts and accessories to give them presence, whereas larger men look better with less fabric and sharper lapels to accentuate the bulk in a positive way.

You must take into account your professional environment. Do you work in the service industry or in the private sector? Are you a professional or a layman? What are your work goals? A three piece suit, as wonderful as it is, does not mix well at Coachella. A hoodie, a tasteful as they can at times be, clashes with the boardroom.

Let us say you know who you are, and accept the physical build you have, and know you’re environment, what then? How do we go about crafting our look?  The relief is that we need not come up with a style all on our own.  Two areas that help us are films and style blogs. Movies are a great resource for the simple reason that the protagonist always has to stand out on the screen. There is a reason Steve McQueen is an icon. He had professional costume designers working tirelessly to make him look so.  Style blogs are also an excellent resource. These are wonderful because many bloggers are roaming the streets of New York, Milan and London looking for men of style whom they can photograph. There are so many reference photos now of regular men dressing to the nines, that with just a few hours of online work, a man who desires to dress better can begin to develop his own personal aesthetic.

And of course, there’s us – at GvS Custom Clothiers we strive so that you look your best – always. Our audience-faced approach will not only enlighten with you knowledge, our quality craftsmanship in each of our product will help you stand out on your own – with your unique identity and individual style. Stay tuned.

Michael Snell

Loving father and husband