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From Boating Club to Boardroom – Blazer All the Way!

The first blazers were used by The Lady Margaret Boat Club from St. John’s College in Cambridge. The term blazer came from the striking red color of the jackets that blazed across the eye. The term outlived the pigment and the blazer transitioned from red to a rich dark blue as its traditional color.

Modern updates to the blazer have adopted its original red as well as a myriad selection of other colors. The blazer cannot now be considered to hold one standard color style and instead is more identified by its cut and cloth.  The blazer has its origin in sport and as such is fitting for outdoor excursions excluding hunting and camping. The blazer is just rugged enough for events that can cause sweat but that do not directly engage the natural elements (which is more the domain of the sport jacket).

A blazer resembles a suit jacket but encompasses a more relaxed style. At times a suit jacket and a blazer will look similar on the rack, but the wearer can tell an immediate difference when placing it across the shoulders. A suit jacket has better form and line, a precision that transcends the build of the shoulder line. The blazer however tends to conform to the natural dimensions of the shoulder. The lapels as well are more conforming to the frame of the wearer and aid the relaxed look.  A blazer is also more comfortable to wear in this regard.

Traditional blazers are double breasted and sport navy style buttons in homage to their origin though this feature is less and less a necessity. The blazer is a versatile coat and can be worn with an expensive dress shirt or a cheap t shirt and always add a positive touch to the outfit. They fit well with a variety of slacks and jean styles. As in all clothes, fit is a necessity and simply because a blazer is for more casual wear is no reason to forego proper sizing.  In this a blazer has a distinct advantage over a suit jacket. A suit jacket will always look formal and cannot by design maneuver itself into a comfortable posture. A blazer however is able to transition between a casual and a serious look and it is this that makes the style still so utterly revolutionary. The blazer is made of durable material and is an excellent investment in one’s wardrobe.

Michael Snell

Loving father and husband