Giving an Exact Measurement for Bespoke Suit ✂️

Bespoke suit is not just a simple suit, it is a complete professional dress for your exact fitting giving you the best comfort. Where getting a bespoke dress is a little expensive than ready-to-wear dresses, it is also a time-consuming process that could take 1-2 months to complete.

However, the best part of Bespoke clothing is the comfort it provides to our body. It helps in enhancing our personality but it requires the sheer dedication of a bespoke tailor who with his experience and skills adds life to the fabric.

Bespoke Dress process starts from the selection of bespoke tailor. Not all the tailor could stitch the bespoke suit. A bespoke tailor is a highly experienced and skilled person who could play with the fabric to give the best fitting as desired by the client.

After selection of tailor and choosing the best quality fabric for you. You have to give a precise measurement of your body. The measurement plays a very important role in a bespoke suit. As nobody has a perfect body shape, it varies for person to person. So for a bespoke dress, you will get your suit designed for your own body measurements.

Taking Measurement for Bespoke Suit

For a bespoke Suit, Measurements plays a very important role, as per the requirements, the tailor could ask the client to visit 2-3 time for checking the exact fitting.

Pre Measurement

In the first meeting, the tailor takes about 20-25 measurements analyzing different parts of our body. It is a basic measurement of our body by which a tailor could curate a rough pattern of the suit.

Once the rough pattern is designed, the tailor will ask the client to check the fitting.

Mid Measurement

Usually, it may be a second or if needed third meeting of a client with the bespoke tailor. In this measurement, the fitting of the dress is analyzed and the required changes are marked by the tailor.

If the changes are miner, the tailor could make the changes with this measurement itself but if the pattern of the suit doesn’t fit the body structure, the client could be asked for other measurements also.

Final Measurement

Most probably in the final measurement, you may get the complete suit. You will try the suit for best fitting at this stage your suit will be comfortable for your body measurement. but if you require any changes you can ask the tailor to do the required changes.

Moreover, In every meeting, there should be proper interaction between the tailor and the client. The client must be expressive enough to explain the fitting to the tailor so that the tailor could make the required changes.


Measurement & conversation between tailor and client play a very crucial role in Bespoke Dress. So be precise will submitting your measurement for the best dressing experience.

If you are looking to buy a Bespoke suit for yourself, consult the best bespoke tailor near you to get the best fitting dress.

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