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Custom Shoes are Brilliant Gift Ideas

Holiday Gift Ideas For Him

With Christmas fast approaching, many of us are looking for the right gifts for the men in our lives. Whether they’re our fathers, friends, or boyfriends and husbands, a fashionable man has quite discerning tastes when it comes to what he likes. This can make the whole experience of hunting for the perfect present difficult even at the best of times. So, what are some gift ideas he’d truly appreciate? These fit the bill:

Jackets are Always a Good Gift

Jackets are Always a Good Gift


The holiday standard is leather when it comes to a man’s jacket. The timeless elegance that a well-fitted leather jacket showcases is something that’s difficult to beat in just about any other piece of fashion. However, it is important to ensure the fit is going to be right. While leather has quite a bit of give over time and tight-fitting jackets are the norm to start with, something that’s overly binding won’t release sufficiently enough to allow the wearer to truly breathe and be comfortable. A standard chest measurement is usually a good place to start when it comes to buying a leather jacket, but it is also appropriate to give an extra two inches for added comfort and give over time – particularly for heavy set men. Jackets are almost always one of the best gift ideas for most men.

Custom Shoes to Surprise HIM

Custom Shoes to Surprise HIM


The holidays aren’t the time to start throwing money at a standard pair of mesh runners. While they’ll give men the comfort they need through the lightness of the fabric, the non-porous nature of mesh will make even the most forgiving of feet sweat uncontrollably during the winter season. Instead, opt for a pair of Oxford brogues or a plain derby shoe. The hides these shoes tend to be made out of are far more breathable than mesh running shoes while adding much-needed sophistication to any man’s wardrobe. Similarly, they’re never truly out of place when it comes to wearing them to various functions. They’re able to be trendier in a casual setting while still being formal enough to get into venues with even the strictest of dress codes.


One of the best selections for men is a top-tier cologne. While staples like Old Spice never go amiss within a man’s selection of scents, those who are buying the gift have the chance to sample the various fragrances for themselves in order to find a scent they enjoy to be around. Gifting cologne is perhaps best suited for romantic relationships, but any man is likely to appreciate in additional scent in his collection.

Michael Snell

Loving father and husband